Zin-Fast Joint Stock Company

15/09/2020 6533
Zin-Fast Joint Stock Company

 Zin Fast was born to expand the development of services to provide products for battery charging devices for cars and electric vehicles. These are outstanding products that enterprises want to upgrade and develop widely in the market. 

perse designs, neat and simple design allow you to take it with you to use anytime, anywhere. In addition, it also brings many choices for users with attractive designs and designs. 

Products are made from premium materials that meet strict safety standards. Equipped with large output capacity and support fast charging, customers always feel secure during use.

Fields of activity

Orizin Vietnam Joint Stock Company
Orizin Vietnam Joint Stock Company
15/09/2020 4662

Orizin Vietnam Joint Stock Company is a paradise for accessories as well as spare parts for phones that are extremely diverse and rich in price, product quality as well as brands.

Zin Vietnam Company Limited
Zin Vietnam Company Limited
15/09/2020 10765

Zin Vietnam Company Limited is a company operating in the service field, specializing in manufacturing and distributing Smartphone & Tablet accessories, repair equipment, glass presses ... for shops, repair centers,...

 ZinID Joint Stock Company
ZinID Joint Stock Company
15/09/2020 10029

ZinID Joint Stock Company is a unit that is inclined to provide electronic warranty activation systems such as searching the origin of goods, providing stamp solutions, bar codes, retrieving information about...


Years of experience

Our company is a leading electronic components supplier for domestic and foreign customers.

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