ZinGroup - Vision, strategy

 ZinGroup - Vision, strategy


"To become the leading manufacturer and technology company in Vietnam, the pioneer and the leader in serving the target group of B2B customers".

-   Zin Group aims to develop into a High Technology Group applied in the fields of manufacturing, e-commerce, digital technology and technology equipment. Create a complementary ecosystem and be an effective partner to serve B2B customers in Vietnam, as well as seek development opportunities in Southeast Asia and international markets. Modern and advanced utility products and services contribute to improving the professionalism as well as the position of B2B customers in the market, raising the position of Vietnamese brands in the international arena.

-   Becoming a strategic partner chosen by experts in the fields that Zin Group's product group aims at.


Add value and bring success to customers

-   Contribute to promoting the development of Vietnam's manufacturing industry, bringing steady development values ​​to the economy and the prosperous development of the nation.

-   Provide the best solution in the field of providing equipment and technology for B2B customers, with the aim of developing together, creating deep cohesion.

-   Providing the most modern products, contributing to improving the professionalism, gaining the trust of customers.

-   Provide the best product with the most reasonable price.

-   Affirming a methodical model of production and product development, with optimal quality and price.


We choose to be a pioneer in the mission of service

-    The number 1 choice of B2B customers.

-    Slogan: Experts' selection.

-    Work devotedly to assert Zin Group - Vietnamese brand - Global quality.


"We believe that, with a mind, and knowing how to cherish, success will come"

1) Customers are the root, use the mind to work

-    Put customers at the center of all your thoughts and actions.

-    Listen to understand your customers' needs and concerns.

-    Always have a respectful, friendly, happy attitude towards customers.

-    Products must meet customers' expectations, using satisfaction as a measure of success.

2) Always be honest, enhance value

-    Be honest with customers, with investors and with individuals inside the company.

-    Become a reliable partner, always work for their interests and bring the greatest benefit to them.

3)     Appreciate your commitments

-    Actions go hand in hand with a commitment. In all cases, commitments to partners must always be addressed.

-    Work in the spirit of respect and seriously obey the agreements already there.

4) Together successfully

-    Find ways to support your teammates to complete a job well.

-    Together, benefits each employee, partner, customer and community. This is reflected in the relationship between employees, between the Group and its partners, agents, shareholders and social community, ensuring the harmonization of interests of related parties on the same boat. , towards sustainable development.

-    Building sustainable, long-term, one-family trust, cherishing partners who have been with Zin Group since the first days of establishment.


"All have formed a strong team with the same will, determination and the same goal: Bringing Zin Group strong development, continuously reaching out!"

-    Staff at Zin Group are well-trained and experienced. All members meet the requirements of professional qualifications (suitable for each job position), have a sense of responsibility, professional ethics and high discipline.

-    Management team is a person with a stature of thinking, experienced in the marketplace and interested in the general development of businesses, society and community.

-    The management team is a solid brave person; dare to face challenges and have good management capacity.

-    The human resources team are young people with ambition and aspiration; confident; dynamic and wholehearted to work, to customers.


"Living and working according to what you want, success is the result of the efforts and worthy recognition that the team gives you, cares for and understands the journeys you have accompanied the Company."

Zin Group creates a space for the best living and working experience - where each person is free to develop to the maximum professional abilities and to develop all their abilities.

1) Living and work

-    We always try to create the most comfortable working environment and space, where members can live and work enthusiastically, promote all abilities and create.

-    8 working hours will become meaningful and worth "living" when you are able to work, be devoted and wholeheartedly with your burning passions.

2) Success is the result

-    All members of the Zin Group family are trying their best to achieve individual success, contributing to the overall success of the team ..

3) Effort and recognition

-    Everyone in the company is equal, same starting point, same workspace, but the efforts are different and that makes the difference between individuals.

-    Zin Group is also one of the leading enterprises in building the model of "employees have the right to decide their own income" with an independent accounting model for business units.

4) Care and understanding

a) Zin Group has a department in charge of listening to employee feedback, consulting and taking care of the life of CNCNV.

- Not only at work, but also issues in the employees' daily life are also interested and shared by the Board of Directors of Zin Group.

b) Zin Group connects internally through its own internal system zin.group

- A bridge to connect and share each individual's difficulties. People can exchange and connect individuals and departments.

- A place for people to learn and master their professional knowledge and expertise, and orient their future development.

c) Always pay attention to the life of the collective and each individual, through the main activities of the year:

- Opening spring, going to the new year pagoda.

- Preliminary summary for the first 6 months of the year, honoring excellent individuals with good results at work.

- Annual summer tour in June every year.

Spring tourism: takes place depending on each year.

- Birthday of the Company on August 30, with the main activities:

+ Birthday celebration programs;

+ Happy birthday show;

- Tourism: Individuals with outstanding achievements are rewarded with interesting tours under the Company's bonus mechanism;

- Festival to celebrate the New Year.

- Summarize the year, honor excellent individuals with good results at work.

- Other activities: Members' monthly birthdays; Celebrating important milestones of each department, branch and company ... a series of other activities took place at member companies, centers, branches of the Group.




Years of experience

Our company is a leading electronic components supplier for domestic and foreign customers.

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