Together with Zin Group, realize the dream of reaching out

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Together with Zin Group, realize the dream of reaching out 

Starting with the replacement battery product for iphone, formerly known as Zin Vietnam Co., Ltd., up to now, after more than 10 years of operation, Zin Group has developed a variety of products for all fields. 

Zin Group - efforts to assert strength 

Right from the beginning, we have always tried our best to bring the best quality products of mobile phone, tablet, technology repair equipment to dealers, nationwide stores, put the "human" factor at the center of all company activities. 

With the motto of always moving forward based on an innovative electronic technology platform, Zin Group has been providing persified products, systems and services, expanding service coverage, cooperating with Enterprises, including: 

+ Research and manufacture Iphone Batteries

+ Distribution lines of phone components

+ Distributing repairing machines and equipment

+ Provide electronic warranty activation system 

After more than 10 years of operation, Zin Group has built a system of 5 member companies, 40 branches and agents with lofty vision and mission. 

With the desire to help businesses improve production efficiency, save time and costs, focus on professional production to increase product sales, Zin Group deployed applications in the field of products. export, e-commerce, digital technology and technological equipment. 

Create a complementary ecosystem and be an effective partner to serve B2B customers in Vietnam, as well as seek development opportunities in Southeast Asia and international markets. Modern and advanced utility products and services contribute to improving the professionalism as well as the position of B2B customers in the market, raising the position of Vietnamese brands in the international arena.  

Zin Group - expanding cooperation, calling for investment 

Zin Group always thinks: "having a mind, knowing how to respect, success will come". In order to best implement the set objectives, Zin Group is very willing to find "like-minded" people who are willing to accompany us on the future journey. 

With the following criteria: 

+ Benefit the shareholders through practical business strategies 

+ Building a sustainable development cooperation relationship 

+ Professional working environment, dynamic. 

+ Developed on the foundation "REPUTATION - HEART", with customer as the focus and viewpoint: "We only succeed when our customers are successful" 

+ Action goes hand in hand with a commitment. In all cases, commitments to partners must always be addressed. 

+ Work with respect and serious adherence to existing agreements. 

+ Together, benefits employees, partners, customers and the community. This is reflected in the relationship between employees, between the Group and its partners, agents, shareholders and social community, ensuring the harmonization of interests of related parties on the same boat. , towards sustainable development. 

+ Building sustainable, long-term, one-family trust, cherishing partners who have been with Zin Group since the first days of establishment. 

Zin Group aims to be a strong corporation, creating strength from the collective to reach out to the organization for sustainable development, bringing outstanding success. 

We hope to find good partners soon to quickly bring Zin Group to fulfill its noble mission.




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Zin Group is a corporation operating on technology force such as researching and manufacturing Iphone battery, distributing lines of phone components, machines


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