How long is the Orizin brand Iphone battery warranty?

16/09/2020 5012

  Orizin Vietnam is a famous Pin brand in the market today. Iphone batteries are researched and manufactured on modern lines, trusted by many people. However, there are still many people wonder how long is the Iphone battery warranty? We would like to solve this problem right in the article.

This is a completely legitimate question, this question is not only for one customer, but also for many customers across the country, from users to affiliates who have been learning about the Orizin brand.

When using Iphone Batteries no matter what, users should still care, give priority to the warranty policy. Because any product is the same. There is a sure warranty to affirm that brand, moreover, a warranty will help users feel secure when using the product. For example: You replace the Iphone Battery without warranty or low warranty, in the process of malfunction, it will not be repaired or replaced. And if you use the battery with a long-term warranty, commitment, it will certainly help you a lot during use.

Orizin Vietnam currently has 3 main types of Iphone Batteries:

  • Standard battery Iphone
  • High capacity Iphone battery
  • Pin Iphone gamer
Each type of battery is thoroughly researched and tailored to each user's needs. Moreover, the Iphone battery supplied by Orizin always brings many advantages compared to normal batteries such as anti-heat, fast charging, smart chip usage, large energy storage.

Warranty policy for Agents and users

For users, Orizin Vietnam has a warranty policy of up to 12 months. During warranty period, if problem occurs such as blistering, fast running out of battery, fast power down, overheating, etc., it will be 1 exchange 1.

For distributors under Orizin. When importing the battery will be warranted within 15 months. If an error occurs, the warranty is in accordance.

Currently, Orizin Vietnam has many special incentive programs for distributors. For users who want to replace genuine, good quality and guaranteed Iphone Iphone battery, go to the nearest Orizin facility for replacement.

For more details about the nearest replacement store in your area. Call the Hotline: 0844-299-922 for further assistance.

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